04.28.2020 | Lifestyle

5 Fun Things To Do With The Kids While Quarantined

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The coronavirus has been hard on families, especially now that local schools have closed. Many parents are finding it challenging to care for their children all day, every day. Of course, there is a bright side. Being near family around the clock means you have more opportunities to enjoy quality time together. One of the best ways to spend it is by trying out some new (and memorable) activities.

Here are five fun things to do with your family while social-distancing rules are in effect…

1) Try out a new recipe

There’s nothing quite like planning, preparing, and enjoying an incredible meal, and doing so with family makes the experience even better. To shake up your day-to-day, try whipping up something a little different. Whether you’ve always wanted to learn to make puff pastry or you’re curious about what goes into a mouthwatering channa masala, now is the time to develop those new cooking skills. Make it a family affair by asking the kids to help—and savour the results together!

2) Get crafty

Do you have young kids at home? The truth is, children need an outlet for their creativity—and choosing the right one can help you keep them entertained for hours. Luckily, you don’t need any fancy supplies to start crafting or making art together. Chances are, your little ones can create something truly unique out of what you have lying around at home. From paper bag puppets to potato people to painted macaroni necklaces, the possibilities are endless.

3) Connect with extended family

It’s only natural to miss the people you care about but can’t see during the pandemic. The good news is, you can still communicate with them while doing your part to flatten the curve—and entertain the kids at the same time. Try brightening an older relative’s day with a phone call. If they’re even the littlest bit tech-savvy, you can connect via video using Skype or Zoom. Don’t forget about good old-fashioned letter writing!

4) Do some gardening

There’s something so hopeful about planting a seed and watching it grow. Whether it’s a houseplant or flowers, vegetables or herbs, gardening with your family can relieve stress—and give you something to take care of together. Consider ordering seeds online, or try potting some sprouted snippets of existing greenery. Your little ones will love not only helping out, but checking on the progress of their plants every day.

5) Hop on Disney+

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of screen time, so long as it’s in moderation. That’s why so many parents are excited about the Disney+ streaming service. If you subscribe, you’ll enjoy introducing your little ones to all of your childhood favourites. They’ll be just as excited to find all of the recent Disney movies they’ve been dying to see in one place. When it’s time to unwind in front of the t.v., this is the perfect way to do it as a family.

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