02.05.2020 | Lifestyle

5 Tips For Setting Up the Perfect Home Office

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The pandemic has touched our lives in countless ways, and that includes our careers. For many professionals, it’s meant leaving a traditional office environment behind. Sound familiar? If you’ve started navigating your 9-to-5 from home, having a space where you can stay productive will be one of the keys to your success.

Here are five tips for setting up the ideal office at home…

1) Choose the right colours

There’s no doubt that colour can impact mood, and you can take full advantage of that fact when you’re designing (or updating) your home office. While many professionals veer towards grey or beige because they seem like safe (and non-distracting) options, some studies have found that they can lead to depressing feelings when they’re in a workspace. In contrast, the right shade of blue can both calm you and improve your focus, while the perfect yellow hue might just boost your creativity!

2) Think about ergonomics

When you’re setting up your office, make sure it works for you physically. This step is crucial if you want to avoid neck, back, and wrist pain (not to mention strained eyes). That means investing in supportive, high-quality furniture—and adjusting it correctly. Your knees and hips should be as level as possible, with your feet flat on the ground. Your hands and elbows should be at about the same elevation, and your monitor should be directly in your sightline.

3) Keep your wires organized

All too often, home offices are filled with messy tangles of wires and cords. Fortunately, it’s entirely possible to keep these things organized. From compact cable stations to space-saving clamps and zip ties, there’s no shortage of low-cost options. If you have to run cables along your walls, you may be able to tuck them under your baseboards—and keep your space feeling uncluttered and organized.

4) Add some greenery

Plants can make a wonderful addition to any home office. They’ll add colour to the room, give your mood a boost, and even clean the air around you. When it comes to choosing greenery, the ideal type will depend on the sunlight you receive. If it’s direct, the pothos is a beautiful, low-maintenance option. The snake plant, which prefers indirect light, is also easy to care for. Its stalks have a pretty, yellow tinge around their edges.

5) Keep it uncluttered

Last but certainly not least, you’ll want to keep your office as uncluttered as possible. An organized space can lead to more ordered thinking—and greater peace of mind. If you’re the type who moves things around or puts them down without thinking, you can make life easier with a bit of planning. Start by making sure everything in your office has a designated place—whether it’s a floating shelf, cabinet drawer, or plastic organizing tray!

If you’re hoping to make your work-from-home experience a more productive one, start with a truly pleasant environment. A comfortable space designed to keep you on track may be just what you need!

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