Sure, Toronto might not be South Beach, but we can definitely hold our own when it comes to living a little bit of that beach life. This summer, let’s reconnect with nature and head down to some of the city’s finest waterfront property: the beach!

Catch some rays, have some fun, and soak up the sun at one of our 5 favourite Toronto beaches:

Woodbine Beach (East End)

An East End favourite, Woodbine Beach is one of Toronto’s most popular beaches. Flanked by both the cool waters of Lake Ontario and a lengthy boardwalk, it’s the perfect place for leisurely summer strolls. While it might get busy during the summer, the beach is wide enough that you’re likely to find a spot anyways. Besides, the people watching here is the main attraction.


Sugar Beach (Downtown)

Do you prefer sunbathing over swimming? Sugar Beach is a great option for those who want the best of the beach, without getting wet. This urban park has some serious Miami vibes, and sits right across from Redpath Sugar’s iconic refinery. Watch the sugar-loaded ships come into the harbour, while soaking up some sun under charming pink parasols.


Marie Curtis Park (Etobicoke)

This beach is truly a hidden gem. Right in between Toronto and Mississauga, Marie Curtis Park retains a small-town charm – even when it’s bordered by urban giants. The beach is quaint, secluded, and there’s even a lookout which stretches your gaze out across Lake Ontario. Bonus points if you hike alongside the picturesque Etobicoke Creek to get to this charming lakeside retreat!


Sunnyside Beach (West End)

Sunnyside Beach has a romantic and nostalgic vibe that is so addictive. It’s no surprise that this used to be the spot for Toronto beachgoers in the 1920s. There’s a waterfront trail, a public pool, green space, lots of sand, and a more relaxed vibe than other beaches in the city. Water quality can sometimes be an issue here, so stay up-to-date before you go for a dip.


Bluffer’s Park (Scarborough)

Have you been living in Toronto for a while now, and still haven’t made your way to the Scarborough Bluffs? Now’s your chance to view this natural wonder, while also getting your daily dose of vitamin D. Bluffer’s Park is a stretch of sand that sits in the shadows of the bluffs, and features some of the finest, white, glistening sand in the city. Don’t want to swim? Pack a picnic and simply enjoy the view!

Toronto’s top beaches are an easy way to steal a reflective moment for yourself, so why not treat yourself to that pleasure every day? Turn your favourite beach into your local hotspot, and contact me today to find out if moving to any of these areas is right for you.


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