The ongoing pandemic has changed our day-to-day lives, but not our ability to enjoy a great meal. If you’re like many Torontonians, you’re probably baking bread and trying out all kinds of new recipes—but what happens when you don’t feel like cooking? Luckily, there’s no shortage of incredible eateries offering savoury dishes for delivery and pick-up. Taking advantage of these services is a great way to enjoy a night at home, while also supporting a local business.

If you’re looking to try something different for lunch or dinner, here are five local restaurants you should check out…

1) Tabule

Toronto is home to some truly impressive Middle Eastern eateries, and Tabule is a prime example. This popular restaurant is so beloved that it now has outposts in Riverside, Midtown, North York, and West Don Lands. Each one offers traditional dishes that are a cut above the fast-food falafel-and-shwarma places you’ll find across the city. When you’re in the mood for hand-chopped salads or perfectly-grilled meat, Tabule should be your go-to for takeout or delivery.

2) Wynona

There’s no better way to celebrate the beginning of summer than with a light and flavourful pasta or seafood dish. Wynona is a great place to get just that. From buttery white fish to rich cannelloni to decidedly heartier fare (think juicy pork chops and organic chicken), there’s always something satisfying on the menu. To help east enders eat well during the pandemic, Wynona has implemented a weekly meal basket program—and it even includes wine to go! You can check out what they’re currently serving up here.

3) Bonjour Brioche

In the mood for something light? Bonjour Brioche has you covered. This French cafe and bakery is as well-known for its tasty lunches as it is for its heavenly breakfasts. If you feel like a salad or a sandwich, you’ll find no shortage of options on the menu. If it’s baked goods you’re after, try the to-die-for croissants, tarts, or quiches. The distinctive blue awning tends to draw diners in, but you’ll have to settle for takeout and delivery while social-distancing measures are in place. Luckily, the food is delicious no matter where you eat it.

4) Buca

Nothing says “special occasion” like Buca. Luckily, you can enjoy an upscale dinner from this local hotspot from the comfort of home. On any given week, the menu features dishes like pasta with wild leeks to pizza with seasonal mushrooms or Tuscan pork. Currently, Buca is offering pick-up and delivery out of its St. Clair location. As a change of pace, you can get everything you need to prepare one of the restaurant’s mouth-watering meals on Sundays.

5) Bellwoods Brewery

We all know that a nice glass of wine or cocktail can complement a meal perfectly. More and more, food lovers are also giving craft beer its due. Those seeking a unique local brew to enjoy before, during, or after dinner should check out Bellwoods Brewery. You’ll find hopped sours, pale ales, and plenty of other options that are brimming with subtle flavour. The Bellwoods bottle shops, located on Ossington and in North York, are currently open (with social-distancing protocols in place).

A great meal (paired with the right alcoholic beverage, if that’s your thing), is one of life’s greatest pleasures. During the pandemic, consider checking out some of the incredible local restaurants that are stepping up to give Torontonians culinary options.

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