Selling your home requires experience, strategy, and skill. You can easily avoid some of the major headaches that come from the major mistakes home sellers make – if you do things the right way.

Here are the 5 most common mistakes home sellers make, and how to make sure they never happen to you…

1. Forgetting A Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Home inspections are a crucial element of selling your home, and not only because buyers hire one to walk through your home. Before you list, a pre-listing home inspection can alleviate many of those unforeseen issues down the road. A professional inspection will be able to tell you of any potential problems, and can provide a report you can use during showings. It’s the kind of simple step that can nip big problems in the bud.

2. Ignoring the Value of Curb Appeal and Minor Improvements

Even when the market is hot, your home needs to look as good as possible to get the best return. This means that paying attention things like curb appeal, staging, and minor improvements can help your home shine – and stand out to your target buyer. When it comes to mistakes home sellers make, it’s not about not selling, it’s about missing out on the best possible return.

3. Mistiming the Sale

Your home is unique, and one of the major mistakes home sellers make is simply assuming they should list their home at the exact same time as everyone else. There is logic in selling your home during the winter, the summer, and the ever-popular spring. Finding the right time to sell depends on your home, the market, and the things you’ve done to amplify your home’s presence on the market. Which leads us to the next mistake…

4. Failing to Market Properly

Because selling a home usually comes with sentimental attachment, sellers often think that the way their home looks as-is is enough for it to sell. Discounting the efficacy of professional photography, videography, staging, and more to make sure your home is picture perfect is a big mistake. If you skip any of these steps, you might risk alienating the perfect buyer for your home.

5. Thinking Every Agent is the Same

Hiring average agents almost always results in average results. When you work with an expert, you’re more likely to get deep area knowledge, improved marketing efforts, and that extra push forward that puts your home in front of the person who wants it more than anyone else – which, ultimately, results in more money in your pocket. Ready to meet with an agent who will put your priorities first, and will work to get the most for your sale? Let’s talk today.

Thinking about selling? After avoiding all these classic mistakes home sellers make, it helps to work with an expert who knows how to avoid them while getting you more. Reach out today, and we’ll start a conversation about how we’ll sell your home.


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