08.28.2020 | Buying A Home

What To Look For In a Family-Friendly Neighbourhood

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When you buy a home, your family becomes part of a community. The area where you settle down will determine many aspects of your lives, from your neighbours to the scenery you take in every day. In other words: it’s important to choose wisely. Of course, the process isn’t just about your personal preferences—it’s also about your kids, your day-to-day routine, and your family’s future!

If you’re searching for the right place to put down roots, here are a few things to look for in a family-friendly community…

Top-notch schools

As a parent, you want to ensure that your child gets the best possible education. Researching schools in your neighbourhoods of interest is the first step. By hopping online, you should be able to find information about academic programs, extracurriculars, and recent EQAO scores. Of course, what matters most is whether a school is a good fit for your child. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, try to arrange in-person visits or attend PTA meetings to learn more firsthand.

An easy commute

From work and school to soccer matches and band practices, family life can get pretty hectic. Chances are that on any given week, there are a million things you have to do—but that doesn’t mean you should spend half your time commuting. You can avoid this fate by using Google Maps. Whether you’re a motorist or a transit user, mapping out the potential journeys you’ll take regularly will help you better assess whether a neighbourhood is truly convenient.

Accessible green spaces

Whether you’re looking for a playground for your little ones, a baseball diamond for some family fun, or just a place to get fresh air when you’re feeling stressed, you can find it at the right park. Having a green space that meets your needs within walking distance can greatly improve your family’s quality of life, especially if you have a dog. Remember: your four-legged friend needs to be walked, even in the dead of winter! For any community you’re considering, it’s worth looking into.

Convenient amenities

Having to go far out of your way to buy groceries or pick up prescription drugs doesn’t have to be part of your routine. By choosing a home that’s close to the conveniences your family needs most, you can spend less time on the road and more time with your loved ones. The essentials won’t be the same for every family. You might prefer small shops, specialty grocers, and charming cafes to supermarkets and large department stores. The important thing is to think about your lifestyle before you start your search.

Peace and quiet

Many buyers don’t consider noise and the general busyness of an area until it’s too late. You might think you want to live on a vibrant street in the heart of the city, but you may change your mind if it means your little ones have trouble getting to sleep at night. Fortunately, an agent with local expertise can help you find a quiet location—if that’s what you’re looking for. For any given house, talking to the neighbours may also provide some insight into the area’s noise levels.

When you’re choosing a home and community for your family, the stakes are high. The good news is, a real estate professional who knows what to look for can help ensure that you find your perfect place!

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