The offer stage is quite possibly the most important stage of the home buying process, as it ensures you get the perfect home you’ve been trying to find. But what does it take to make a strong, attractive offer on a home?

Once you’ve found the home of your dreams, here are some tips for making an offer on a house that will help you “get home” faster…

1. Price

The price is simply what you’re offering to pay for your new home. This is where local knowledge takes a front row seat. How do you determine what to offer on a house? We’ll take what we know about the comparable homes (both in the area and on the market), how much you are willing to pay, the competition for the home, and what is known about the seller. This way, we can start making an offer on a house that works best for you.

2. Deposit

Consider the deposit an act of good faith towards the seller. It can be all or part of your down payment. The amount that you choose to use for your deposit will be dependent on market conditions and on the state of the sale (like during a bidding war).

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3. Closing Date

This might end up being the most important day of the year for you! Your closing date is going to be the date when money finally changes hands and you take possession of your new home. Don’t forget that this not only includes what is in the purchase agreement, but legal fees, taxes, and additional closing costs.

4. Conditions

Conditions are all about the details. These are the items that must be completed prior to closing. It can help ensure that your new home is taken care of, and presented to you in a state that is agreeable to the amount you intend to pay. Some of the typical conditions can include:

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Making the Right Offer

Becoming a homeowner is an exciting time, but you always need to ensure that your interests are being safeguarded at every turn–that’s where we come in. See how our experience and extensive market knowledge will benefit you when it comes time to make an offer.

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