The Lofts at 90 Sumach proudly stand somewhere between hip and historic. This is a building that is brimming with history, character, and features a real sense of community. That’s why we are taking the time to shine a spotlight on this building, and what makes it undeniably special.

Knowing the ins and outs of this space is something that we pride ourselves on. Our team has experience living, working, and even serving on the board of this building. That’s how we know what makes it such a special place to come home to.

With unique insight into The Lofts at 90 Sumach, we can tell you exactly what makes this building so special.

The Neighbourhood 

First and foremost, the neighbourhood charm within this building is simply iconic. On top of all that, The Lofts at 90 Sumach sit within the charming confines of Corktown. This neighbourhood is on the rise, and for good reason. Located in Toronto’s East End, Corktown has grown from afterthought to a hot community in the market.

It’s no surprise that The Lofts at 90 Sumach helped play a role in Corktown’s revitalization. This impressive feat of hard loft conversion helped reintroduce Corktown to many Torontonians. Amongst the row houses and cottages, this building represents both the area’s illustrious past and exciting future.

The History

Starting off as a nondescript warehouse, this building would eventually be leased to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) to be used as a production facility. Sets, props, and other design work came to be stored here – alongside a whole bunch of amazing creative work. Shows were designed, filmed, and acted out throughout every part of this building. It became a landmark in early Canadian media, as well as a symbol of progress for the city’s most creative minds.

Even now, living here is a constant reminder of that creativity. The building’s inhabitants are known for possessing that same creative spirit. They live here, they work here, and they play here. Imagine living here yourself and enjoying all of that character and charm.

The Features 

Soaring ceilings, huge windows, and a rooftop terrace complete the experience here. Described as a neighbourhood brought together under one roof, The Lofts at 90 Sumach feel like a community from the moment you step inside.

One of our most recent rentals in this building was recently featured in Toronto Life. Take a look for yourself and get ready to fall even more in love with this unforgettable space!

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