Sitting on the shores of the Humber Bay, it’s no wonder why Mimico is a neighbourhood on the rise. This area’s rich history began as a lakeside escape for Toronto’s wealthiest families. Nowadays, this area is finally rediscovering itself as a picture-perfect residential enclave.

The central figure in the story of Mimico is the waterfront. The waterfront views give this area a certain vibrancy, and provides a relaxed and down-home vibe that is all the right kinds of charming. It’s beautiful all on its own, so why go anywhere else?

Did you know? Mimico got its name from the large amount of passenger pigeons found in the area. This species is now extinct, but their memory lives on in name!

The opportunity to live right on the shoreline has made this area a hot property. Families and first-time home buyers are flocking here. So, what can you find when you take a stroll through Mimico?


Where to indulge your sweet tooth…

An institution in the neighbourhood, SanRemo Bakery is quite possible the doughnut capital of Toronto! Look no further than their donut panini, which is a pressed doughnut filled with a healthy scoop of Italian gelato to satisfy just about any craving.


Where to take a walk…

The Humber Bay Arch Bridge doesn’t only provide gorgeous views of the city’s skyline. Designed by iconic Spanish Architect Santiago Calatrava, this bridge is a work of art in and of itself. Go for a stroll, and try not to have your breath taken away.


Where to find something spicy…

Mimico is also lucky enough to be home to some exciting new restaurants and culinary options – one of which is Tich. Billing itself as “modern Indian cuisine,” come here to find crunchy onion bhajis and mouthwatering chicken vindaloo.


Where to make your heart flutter…

The Humber Bay Butterfly Habitat (HBBH) is the hidden gem of Mimico. A park fitted with butterfly-specific environmental factors. On a warm, sunny day you can watch butterflies flutter through the sky.


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