How much do you know about the term “Kitec plumbing”? You might have heard about how important it is, but you might not know why. When you’re buying a home in Toronto there are plenty of boxes you need to check, and Kitec plumbing is a big one.

Here’s what you need to know about Kitec plumbing and how you might be able to spot it in a current or prospective home.

What is Kitec plumbing? 

Kitec plumbing was first marketed as being a corrosion-resistant alternative to copper pipes and fittings. So, between 1995 and 2007, it could be found in condos, townhomes, and homes throughout Ontario. In 2005 it was recalled, so what went wrong?

The Problem with Kitec Plumbing

Turns out, excessive levels of water pressure and heat could cause the plumbing to deteriorate or fail at a pretty rapid rate. According to many home repair experts, this became a question of “when, not if” the plumbing would fail.

Even worse, rather than a gentle and progressive leak, Kitec plumbing was more likely to burst. This meant that when it did happen, it was more likely to cause a disastrous mess for homeowners!

Spotting Kitec Plumbing 

The only complete solution for Kitec plumbing is to replace it entirely, which is obviously a big project for just about any buyer or seller. Are you worried that a home you’re interested in might have Kitec plumbing? Here are some handy ways to spot it:

  • Check – Feel free to start by checking yourself. The plumbing fittings around the home, under the sinks or by the water tank, will typically say “Kitec” or “KT” on them. This is what we might call a dead giveaway.
  • Inspect – Before buying the home, your home inspector can also take a look around and check to see if Kitec plumbing is present.
  • Ask – When you’re working with a professional real estate agent who knows what they’re doing, this should be covered before you can say “major home renovation.”

What if I find Kitec plumbing? 

It’s not just important to check if there is Kitec plumbing in the home you’re interested in buying–what if it’s already in the home you live in? If you’re selling your home and discover Kitec plumbing, here are some of the steps you can take:

  • You can file a claim as part of a class action lawsuit that resulted in a multi-million-dollar settlement here (http://www.kitecsettlement.com/).
  • Reach out to a plumber the moment you notice a distinct change in water pressure, or if you notice any discolouration in the piping.
  • If you’re preparing to sell, prepare to disclose the fact that you have Kitec plumbing. If you don’t plan on fixing it, prepare to have a conversation concerning replacement with a prospective buyer.

There’s more to plumbing than meets the eye! Do you know all the boxes you need to check when you’re buying a home? Work with the best, and rest easy knowing that we’ll cover everything to ensure a successful sale or purchase. Contact us today, and let’s get started.


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