Young couples and families looking to preserve that urban lifestyle, typically the reason they moved to the big city in the first place, are seeing the value in calling condos home. Expectations have shifted, and condos are now playing a pivotal role in home ownership for growing families.

In what ways are Toronto condos becoming more child-friendly? Let’s address the 4 key factors and the changes they’re resulting in…

More Space

Developers have taken notice of families taking residence in condos – so they’ve actually started developing spaces that are simply bigger (three bedrooms and above). This allows families to have a home with a dining room table, the room to store a stroller, or a place to keep hockey equipment out of view. The age of micro-condos is ending, with more units featuring increased spaces for families to comfortably spend time and grow.


Better Amenities

Pools, fitness rooms, and saunas are nice to have, but more developers are attuning themselves to the needs of their residents and are offering family-friendly amenities. Green, outdoor space, and play rooms are starting to crop up in different parts of the city – inspired by other “vertical cities,” like Hong Kong and New York City. This has helped develop a “front porch” for families who want to be connected to their community.


Advanced Planning

The city of Toronto has also gotten in on the action. They have published case studies, profiling the ways in which children are being raised in the Downtown Core. Not only is this important to consider when it comes to where people go to sleep at night, but it might also be able to influence school districts and other common concerns of families living in the city. It’s not only condos becoming more family-friendly, but the areas around them advancing the needs of these families.


Changing Perceptions

It was once thought that those who lived in condos were just waiting to make the jump to home ownership, or were down-sizing empty nesters who didn’t need that much space anymore. Times have changed, and now developers are becoming more aware of the role that condos play in forming communities. It creates its own vibrancy, its very own neighbourhood, and this increased attention makes family-living in condos more attractive for seasoned urbanites.


Is Condo Living for You?

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