06.29.2018 | Selling A Home

Can Landscaping Help You Sell Your Home?

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Many homeowners get countless hours of enjoyment from their backyards. From sitting with neighbours on the deck to watching your kids play on the lawn, outdoor space can improve your quality of life. But what happens when it comes time to sell? Can a well-maintained yard generate buyer interest or justify a higher asking price?

In this post, we’ll delve into how different types of landscaping work could impact your home’s value.


Does landscaping matter?

If you’ve done any home renovations, you’ve probably thought long and hard about how they’ll impact your property value. Chances are, you haven’t given nearly as much thought to whether your outdoor space will help you fetch a good price for your home. You’re not alone.

Most homeowners take great care to get their home show-ready. They’ll spend hundreds (and even thousands) of dollars for professional interior staging. In comparison, backyards, front lawns, and outdoor sitting areas are often neglected.

Yet, as any experienced real estate agent will tell you, a healthy, well-tended yard can have a major impact on how a home is perceived. Buyers get excited about inviting outdoor spaces.

During the spring, summer, and even the fall, sellers can use their little patches of the great outdoors to impress. Here’s what buyers most want to see.


Which improvements should you consider?

There’s no doubt about it: homebuyers love patios and decks—so long as they’re contemporary and built well. Studies show that these features offer high returns on investment (ROIs), which means building them is usually well worth the effort.

Landscaping is always an important consideration, whether you have a deck or not—because nobody wants to sit around in a poorly-maintained (or downright unpleasant) outdoor space. Here are a few tips for landscaping that will wow potential buyers.

Control your vegetation

While long grass and wild gardens may be in keeping with your personal taste, it’s not what most buyers want to see. Keep your landscaping similar to that of your neighbours. Mow your lawn, trim your shrubs and greenery, and stick to fairly clean lines if you’re planting flowers.

But don’t overdo it

Buyers can be turned off by overly-elaborate landscaping, which can be difficult to maintain. Opt for a design that’s appealing, yet low maintenance.

Embrace your mature trees

Many savvy buyers are looking for mature trees, and not just because they’re majestic. Good foliage coverage can actually reduce heating and cooling bills significantly.

Consider curb appeal

The front of your home should make buyers want to come inside. Think about the little details—from keeping your shrubs trimmed to laying out a fresh welcome mat.


The bottom line

Determining ROI can be tricky, but most buyers are impressed by a well-maintained yard with a nice deck or sitting area. High-quality landscaping can reduce the amount of time a home sits on the market, and there’s little doubt that some buyers are willing to pay more for a house with beautiful outdoor space.

Another great thing about landscaping? It’s a relatively inexpensive way to make your property more appealing. More expensive features, such as pools, don’t add nearly as much value as most people think. In some cases, they can even reduce property value due to the high maintenance associated with them.

In short, you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a pleasant outdoor space that buyers will love. A little bit of the right kind of TLC can make a big difference.


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