03.13.2020 | Selling A Home

5 Reasons to Hold an Open House

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If you’re preparing to put your home on the market, you may be wondering whether to hold an open house. There’s a good chance you’re familiar with these events—and their telltale balloons—but can they actually lead to a sale? While you may feel uncertain about opening up your living space to a bunch of strangers, doing so can yield some major positive benefits.

If you’re ready to sell your home, here are five reasons to make an open house part of your marketing strategy…

1) To make your property shine

While there’s no denying the value of beautiful listing photos, buyers ultimately base their decision on what they see in person. There’s only one way they can get a sense of what living inside your property is really like, and that’s by walking around and taking everything in. By holding an open house, you can provide many buyers with an intimate viewing experience at the same time. This move could increase your chances of getting an offer—and eliminate the need to keep touching up your staging efforts for separate tours.

2) They’re low-pressure for buyers

Home hunters will often set up a viewing as soon as they find an appealing listing, but not always. Based on what they see online, a buyer may be attracted to some aspects of your property—without being one-hundred per cent sold on it. In these cases, an opportunity to view your home with zero pressure involved (and no perceived expectations from you, the seller) could be just what it takes to get them in the front door. Once inside, there’s always a chance they’ll fall in love with your property!

3) They can mean more eyes on your home

It’s human nature to want a second—or third—opinion before making a life-changing decision. That’s why many buyers will ask family members and close friends what they think of a home before they commit to it. An open house makes this process easier. When you open your home up to visitors, potential buyers will be more likely to ask their loved ones to drop by and weigh in. If all goes well, the result could be a successful sale!

4) To attract first-time buyers

Holding an open house is a great way to capture the attention of first-time buyers. The truth is, home hunters who have never been through the process don’t always know where to start. They may take their time browsing online, seeing what’s out there, and getting a feel for what they want. While this cautious approach may prevent first-timers from picking up the phone to set up a tour, they might jump at the chance to pop into your home for a casual viewing.

5) To get the neighbours involved

Purchasing a home isn’t just about finding the right piece of property. For many buyers, the surrounding community matters just as much. By inviting the people who live around you to attend your open house, you can give home hunters an idea of what the neighbours are like. As a bonus, nearby residents may have friends and family members who are thinking of purchasing in the neighbourhood. That could mean more attendees, and more potential buyers for your property!

When it comes to marketing a home, the key to any strategy is careful execution. To learn whether an open house is right for your sale, talk to an agent who has a strong track record of selling success.

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