I am thrilled to learn that Eataly is opening its very first Canadian location in Toronto in 2019.

This supermarket-restaurant hybrid first opened in Turin, Italy back in 2007. It now has 30 stores in places such as the United States, Japan, Dubai and Brazil.

The market-style stores are packed with fresh, specialty products, such as cheese, meat and baked goods as well as a slew of Italian groceries. The Italian food palace will occupy a 50,000 square foot space in the Manulife Centre.

The incoming store will feature sit-down restaurants, casual eateries and a diverse marketplace. As this is the first Canadian location, Eataly has partnered with the Selfridges Group and Terroni Restaurants which will be featured in the new location.

“Eataly Toronto will be spectacular. Firstly, the city of Toronto values high quality food. And we do too. Secondly this will be our first Canadian location, and with every first in a new market comes something full of excitement and adrenaline,” says Eataly Founder Oscar Farinetti in a news release.

For more information check out: The original article or Eataly’s Facebook page.


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