I always love March because it makes for brighter mornings and longer days ahead!

I am still able to partake in my favourite winter sports while watching the first signs of spring emerge, spring skiing anyone? It is also a great way to kick off the Spring Real Estate market which, starts picking up momentum. To date, January and February have had limited inventory, with a 14.8% decrease in product, while the number of active Buyers in the marketplace is up 14.9%. These percentages highlight why we have seen such a competitive bidding frenzy in the housing market. We are hoping that historical trends hold true and March presents more inventory, bringing some balance back to the market.

Time to bring out the shamrocks, green clothing and accessories because March 17th, 2016 is St. Patrick’s Day! St Patrick is said to have used the shamrock, a clover-like plant typically with three leaves, to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish. Though it may be older, this story first appears in writing in 1726. Many people from different backgrounds come together for a celebration of friendship, culture, music and, fun.

The annual St. Patricks Day Parade will be held this Sunday, March 13th. This is a great event for families to enjoy. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade begins at 12:00 noon with the procession starting from Bloor and St. George (near old U of T Varsity Stadium). The Parade will continue along Bloor Street down Yonge and finishes on Queen Street at Nathan Philips Square. The parade is expected to take approximately 1.5 hours to pass any given point. For more information about the Parade route, events and more, visit the official site at Toronto St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Easter is very early this year and will be celebrated on March 27th, 2016. Have you ever wondered how Easter Sunday is determined? We have the answer below.

Here’s to a great month of Family time, a long weekend and the official start of the Spring Real Estate Market!

How is Easter Sunday determined?

In Western Christianity, Easter always falls between March 22nd and April 25th. In a preliminary effort to attain a consensus in the church, a collective of Christian bishops formed the First Council of Nicaea, representing all of Christendom, convened in Nicaea in Bithynia by the Roman Emperor Constantine. It was decided by the bishops, based on the paschal full moon, that Easter Day would fall on a Sunday as it was the day of Christ’s Resurrection. However, since the paschal full moon changes dates due to different time zones, it was decided that the full moon is always determined to be the 14th day of the lunar month. The paschal moon was chosen because it fell on the date of Passover on the Jewish calendar, also coinciding with the Last Supper (Holy Thursday) occurring on the Passover. Effectively, making Easter the Sunday after Passover. This year the Easter holidays starts on Friday, March 25th, 2016 (which is Good Friday) through to Easter Monday, March 28th, 2016.


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