Pizza Libretto is opening its third set of doors!! Being huge pizza lovers ourselves this certainly is an exciting milestone for the downtown core. Located at 155 University Ave this PATH accessible location is perfect for a post work bite or maybe even a post showing pizza 🙂

Serving up all the Libretto classics this location will be just as good as the other two. With simple, seasonal, staple foods this rustic Italian spot cooks up some true italian delights. Some of our favourites include the Ricotta Gnocchi Starter, The Buttermilk Calamari, and the House-made Sausage Pizza. Now and then the pizza special sounds just oh so good that you don’t even need to glance at the menu. 

If the downtown core is not ideal don’t worry there are two other locations. One on Ossingtton and one on The Danforth.  Don’t miss trying out this great lunch or dinner spot! 

Further Location and Menu Information 


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