Each month, we’ll take a moment to profile the latest additions to some of Toronto’s up-and-coming neighbourhoods. This month we’re starting with one of the most exciting areas in Toronto’s West End: The Junction Triangle.

Just because it’s surrounded by railway lines does not mean that the Junction Triangle is just a place for passing through. This area is experiencing a significant amount of revitalization and can be found on many homebuyers’ radars.

Did You Know? This neighbourhood wasn’t known as the Junction Triangle until a vote occurred in late-2010. Other possible options – which were ultimately passed up – included: “The Wedge,” “Railtown,” and “Perth Park.”

There is so much going on in the Junction Triangle, sometimes it can be difficult to keep up. There is everything from new condos to converted lofts and family-friendly semis, all contributing to the growth of this exciting part of town. One thing is for sure: The Junction Triangle is on the rise.

Here’s what’s happening on this side of the tracks:

Where to get your morning cup o’ Joe…
Propeller Coffee Company has built themselves up as one of Toronto’s premier microroasters, and they now have a café to back it up! This is where you go when you’re in need of an early morning caffeine kick.

Where to grab a bite to eat…
Hello Darling is a charming spot for breakfast or brunch in the Junction Triangle. Their chalkboard menu is filled with plenty of delicious options to choose from. Start your day enjoying any of their breakfast creations in their intimate café setting.

Where to find that perfect finishing touch…
The Junction Triangle is an area where revitalization thrives, which is why places like Jellyfish Emporium do so well. Have you been in the market for that show-stopping vintage piece of decor for your home? You can find it here.

Where to grab a drink…
The cozy ambience of The Gaslight is classic, which is why it’s known as the “hidden gem of the Junction Triangle.” They not only have a selection of finely crafted cocktails, but snacks, too. An easy evening out starts – and finishes – at the Gaslight.

The growth of the Junction Triangle is nothing short of amazing! Want to join the growth of this neighbourhood? Contact me today to make the Junction Triangle your future home.


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