West vs. East seems to be a big talking point with buyers these days. For the most part we are finding that people are torn over what side of Yonge they wish to call home. This die hard west ender has just bought her first condo in THE EAST!! We think she was even a bit surprised at this outcome. Here is her candid yet very comical take on making the big change. 

“There are a few things I learnt during my first month in “the East,” which I thought I would share with you in case you ever need support to potential clients considering moving ‘that far.’.


·        Everything is super cheap. The first time I had gone to No Frills, and my grocery total came to $14, I literally walked out of the store with an urge to start running and yelling “start the car, start the car!” You know, like that Ikea commercial? I was the fat girl carrying the full bags of crap!

·        Everything is SUPER close! Sometimes I feel it unnecessary to jump on the streetcar because everything is really convenient and within walking distance. And when I do decide to jump on the streetcar for something, it takes five seconds! Love!

·        Things are SUPER cheap in the East. No, really. I cannot even believe. The factor is so huge it deserved two bullet points. I paid $5 for eyebrow and upper lip threading! And that was the best threading I ever had! That is free!

·        I am so far, that when I ordered pizza, it took the Pizza Nova operator over twenty minutes to locate my address in her system. She was trying to convince me I was in Mississauga. I had a few drinks at this point, and as a result, I was nearly persuaded.

·        The ONLY time I ever had ‘buyer’s remorse’ about purchasing in “The East” is when I experienced a mild but incredibly real panic attack at the LCBO. The location closest to me is the Gerrard one, and their vintage wine assortment is sad. I have more of a selection at any given time in my personal wine rack. I literally had to ask two sales associates to ensure that they were not hiding a separate room filled with the vintages. I did not like nor trust the answer of the first associate, so I had to verify with the second. I have been dealing with this loss by going to the LCBO by my office, and lugging the bottles back to “The East” on the streetcar… although this factor is quite tragic, I am trying to deal with it, day by day. I have become quite the point of interest to the homeless people on my streetcar whenever I have such large LCBO bags on me.

·        All of a sudden your friends think you live on the other side of the world, and just as suddenly you find yourself in a battle of West versus East… Leslieville is not in fact the land of the Greasers, and the West is not the land of the Socs… there are no losers…(unless you are in the west of course). After much persuasion that the East is not a land of poverty stricken gangsters, your friends and family finally agree to make the “road trip” to the other side of the DVP and share in amazement just how lovely and delightful, and ‘not at all dangerous’ your neighbourhood feels. You look at them like they have just left the comfort of their bubble for the first time, and they stare back with nothing but dumbfounded amazement and awe, and congratulate you on finding a great the ‘nook’ of Toronto and wonder why they have never heard of it before in a positive connotation. “Les-lie-ville” they say slowly, as if they have just learnt a new word.

·        East Side. Represent

There you have it, a very real assessment of “The East.”



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