Adding accents to rooms is one of the big design items that goes a long way. Be it a new home, the re-invention of an old space, or a the final steps of a renovation extra touches go a long way.

Now the key with a lot of these accents is affordability – making big financial commitments to items such as lights, art, and rugs is not always easy to do. With evolving styles and constant trend changes I look for  ways to create fun trending pieces for less! 

Assembled  and ready to be hung .

Assembled  and ready to be hung .

Here is a great example of a cost effective DIY project – make your own lights! These lights are lots of fun and can bring a nice warm twist into a place. If you are looking to do a feature light grouping these together has a huge effect. If you just need a small accent this alongside a mirror in a bathroom, or hanging on either side of the bed will provide just that. 

The key is finding these lights at a reasonable cost… many lighting stores sell them however they can get quite costly at $50-$150 dollars a light. However you can source and make them for less than $20 each!

Here is how – figure out what style of light and cage you would like… researching online is likely the best place to do this – I found many great sources by just googling “Edison Light” or “Cage Lighting” Once you have a style in mind figure out how many lights you will require. 

The lights will arrive in pieces and it takes no more than 15 minutes to have them all assembled and ready for the electrician. The Electrician can then place the cloth wire over top and connect them to the switches and there you have it lighting on a budget! 


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